“Our ad buy with Architexts generated the most paid referral
traffic of any of our efforts.” – Chris Denby, CEO Markitecture

Want your product seen by architectural professionals?

Architexts has space on our site available for advertisers. Why do we do this? Simply put: we need to cover our hosting costs, and you want architects to spec your product on their next project.

Why advertise on Architexts?

Increasing Traffic. Since our launch in January 2010, traffic has been increasing rapidly. Within six months we went from a brand new site with no readers to having thousands of weekly hits. With a healthy blend of repeat and new visitors, your ad will be seen by an growing pool of architectural professionals, not just the same people every day.

Your Target Audience. This comic targets architectural professionals like the ones you want specifying your product on their projects. The positive reinforcement of seeing your product on แจก เครดิต ฟรี sbobet may dramatically increase the likelihood of your product being specified.

Low Bounce Rate. Our visitors spend several minutes on แจก เครดิต ฟรี sbobet, visiting multiple pages. What does this mean for you? It means your ad will be seen multiple times by the same visitor.

Visitor Loyalty. Our visitors return frequently. Your ad on our site will be seen frequently during the run time of your ad, and increase your brand ID.

Ad Options

To accommodate your needs, we offer several options for advertisements.

Text-based Web Ad. This consists of a short text-based link (much like a typical GoogleAds advertisement).

Text-based Subscriber List ad. This option puts a text-based advertisement and link right in our growing email list of subscribers. Subscribers receive an email each time a comic is posted.

Graphical Web Ad. We can offer a variety of image-based advertisement sizes and locations to best suit your needs.

Graphical?Subscriber List ?Ad.?This option puts an image-based advertisment in our growing email list of subscribers. Subscribers receive an email each time a comic is posted.

Facebook promotion. With our fan-base consistently growing our Facebook page is becoming a great way to reach out to architectural professional in the United States and abroad.

Year-long Sponsorship. A graphic ad placed on the site for a full year with your choice of a “product placement” in a comic, or a full page graphic in the next volume of Architexts.

Product placement ad. The only thing more effective than having an advertisement strategically placed on the website is being placed within a comic (see example). While text-based and graphical ads run for a set period of time, product placement ads forever remain as part of the webcomic’s story and include permanent listing on our Featured Products page.

A unique advertising bundle that best meets your needs can also be discussed.

Payment Options

We prefer payments be made through PayPal. Please inquire about other payment arrangements if this is not acceptable.


Please email for more information.