The Characters

Modulor Man is the personification of Le Corbusier’s iconic illustration of scale and architectural proportion. Modulor Man is new to the office of Franklin + Newbury Architects, a recent graduate and by far the most existential member of the office. He is young, optimistic, and foolishly believes he will be a famous architect someday.
George is addicted to caffeine, and a huge cynic. The best part of his morning is his drinking his Starbucks Coffee. He always has a cup on his desk, and is a big fan of Apple Computer products. George sits across from Scott. He and Scott joke around a lot during the day.
Scott has been working in an architectural office for well over a decade, and doesn’t like working in this office. He is angry, bitter and has come to terms with the fact that just doesn’t care. Scott is a licensed architect, not an AIA member, and sits across from George.
Katie?has a background in interior design, but often gets stuck doing CAD work and working on marketing proposals. Because the seat across from her is empty, one of the summer interns gets to sit across from her.
Tim is in the process of getting his Master of Architecture degree from a practice-based architectural school. His arduous schedule, constant life sacrifices, and less than adequate salary, have made Tim very bitter towards life and his profession. Tim sits across from Peter.
Tia is young architectural intern who left Franklin + Newbury in June 2011 after working there for several years. She cares for the environment, and her desire to pursue more LEED projects drove her to look for a new job and leave her friends at Franklin + Newbury behind.
Yvonne is serious about her career, but unfortunately has found that being an attractive woman often keeps her from being taken seriously by contractors or her own bosses. Working at Franklin + Newbury is crushing her hopes and dreams. The empty seat across from her gets filled by summer interns.
Peter is a project manager at the firm in his late thirties. He is LEED accredited, taking his AREs, and a real kiss-ass to the bosses. He doesn’t talk much, and when he does, it is mostly business. Scott and George are always talking about him behind his back. Peter sits across from Tim.
Mr. Franklin is the son of a well respected structural engineer and used his inheritance to open up Franklin + Newbury Architects,?with his friend Mr. Newbury. The firm survived initially due to his late father’s reputation in the city, and the connections that provided. He is grooming Peter to become an associate, but doesn’t give his other employees opportunities to advance.
Mr. Newbury started Franklin + Newbury Architects,?with Mr. Franklin after leaving the office of Dick Stein many years ago. As a partner, he has become increasingly disconnected from the production staff, and prefers crunching numbers in his office than reviewing drawings or dealing with the staff.
Eva is the accounting manager at??Franklin + Newbury Architects. She has been there many years, and easily gets on the nerves of the staff who are tardy or incomplete with their time sheets. No one on the staff likes her, and they avoid her in the office the best they can.
Liz is one of the newest hires at Franklin + Newbury. A recent graduate from a graphic design program, she settled for an office assistant position so she can get health insurance and save money to move out of her parents’ house.