Finally, The Chance To Design

Discussion (3)

  1. Wightzian

    What is the countdown for?

  2. Anne C.

    A firm I used to work for used to do an annual wine label design for Christmas. After the second year there, I never bothered to enter because they picked a winner and then proceeded to change everything about the design.

  3. David_in_Florida

    Wow, isn’t that the truth. This happens on almost every big project that we have. Not so much getting our designs subverted – they are generally done by the bosses anyway, but the endless tweaks and getting thrown under the bus regarding the budget. I had a few jobs that came in under budget, but no ‘atta-boys’ given. I think they are afraid that we will bring that up at review time and ask for a raise. But of course, all the ‘aw-s**ts’ are brought up by management.